My father passed away around Memorial Day 2016.  I found out doing a periodic Google search.  He had Alzheimer’s and his condition deteriorated over his last year.

Still, it is a jolt to see it on a web page like that, expected or not.  I felt sad for an hour and then my feeling became more a realization that my life goes on and that remaining family and being there for my son is most important now.

My tribute is to celebrate his life.  A war hero, gifted draftsmen, inventor, handyman, and dedicated father.  I owe a lot to him, he was technically my grandfather but he adopted me as his own.  I did not even know the truth until I was 17 and it was time to get a drivers license and found out I had a different last name!  I grew up only knowing him as Dad.

I remember him watching my baseball games from a corner in the outfield smoking his pipe.  I admit I cried when I watched that scene from Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner’s character played catch with his father.  That is the essence of the bond between father and son, he showed me how to do things.

He was an engineer and a builder, always working on projects.  He built our house by himself, he was super organized.  Every nut, every bolt had a jar with a label on it.  He was tireless and much bigger than his physical size.  I had different interests so he pretty much left me to find my own way in life, providing support when I needed it.

Dad, you are missed.  I try to honor you by being a good father myself to my son,  I’ll make sure he knows about you the way I did.

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